Image of The Merry Maenad

The Merry Maenad


A funky maenad with two thyrsi, two glorious even stars and decorative Satyrs.
Inspired by the many excellent Bacchic-themed urns and craters and plates and wine dishes in the Staatliche Antikensammlung in Munich.
Limited edition 5 colour screenprint on Bristol Board, 40x57cm

***NOTE: if you are very hard up but would like a cheaper misprint, just message or email me directly. I will be selling them for 30EUR, unsigned but including a custom disappointed comment (directed at the print, not you)***

***the same goes if you are keen on a particularly perfect print. I have roughly divided the edition into Practically Perfect prints (standard) and Particularly Perfect prints (75EUR). This may strike you as an unorthodox pricing method, but I like to be transparent & want you to have the choice.***

Image of The Merry Maenad Image of The Merry Maenad